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Exceptional Person-Centered Care

Memory impairment should not hinder one’s ability to live a fulfilling and empowering life. This is why our New Braunfels memory care community is dedicated to understanding each resident’s unique story, needs, and desires. We strive to engage with residents and their families on a personal level, appreciating both their past and present selves. Through this deep comprehension, we can craft a unique care plan tailored to address each facet of resident well-being.

Our memory care philosophy is built on this belief, viewing every second as a precious chance to enhance residents’ lives with comprehensive, empathetic, and scientifically supported care. We choose to keep the number of rooms limited and uphold high caregiver-to-resident ratios. This decision reaffirms our dedication to delivering personalized care thanks to team members who are not only highly trained in effective therapies aimed at managing memory loss with dignity and grace but also with a unique passion and devotion that allows them to naturally engage with each resident, taking the time to listen to their stories and anticipating their unique needs.

Our goal at Élan Westpointe at New Braunfels is for each resident to feel a part of a caring, close-knit community, reminding them daily of their invaluable worth and importance.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care communities offer a secure, well-structured space for individuals with memory-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and various forms of dementia. The team members in our community in New Braunfels, Texas, possess specialized expertise and training, are dedicated to assisting residents in navigating the complexities and symptoms of cognitive decline, and have a genuine passion for enhancing residents’ lifestyles through meaningful connection. 

Memory care settings are thoughtfully crafted to be comforting and stimulating, providing programs and opportunities to enrich mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, memory care communities ensure comprehensive services like around-the-clock health monitoring, constant security, and assistance with daily activities, all tailored to uphold the dignity and well-being of residents.

What is the Difference Between Assisted Living and Memory Care?

Memory care communities offer a higher level of support than assisted living, catering to the specific needs of individuals with memory-related conditions. Team members meticulously assess each resident to tailor the necessary level of assistance, acknowledging that each individual’s needs vary.

While age-related memory lapses and mobility challenges are common among residents, not all individuals in assisted living will require the advanced, specialized support provided by memory care communities. Consulting with a team member to evaluate care options can be invaluable for families uncertain about the level of care their family member needs.

Both assisted living and memory care communities provide essential support with daily activities, offer a variety of dining choices, facilitate engaging events, and foster programs that enhance social connections.

How Do I Know It’s Time for Memory Care?

Choosing the right time to move to a memory care community is a deeply personal and intricate decision for individuals and their families. Given that dementia progresses in unpredictable ways, with symptoms and cognitive changes that defy a strict schedule, this decision becomes particularly challenging. However, specific indicators can signal that moving to a memory care neighborhood might be the most beneficial step forward for a family member’s safety and well-being:

A Family Member Received a Dementia Diagnosis

An earlier transition to a memory care community can offer significant advantages. This move allows for specialized support designed for people experiencing dementia, mitigates symptom worsening, and facilitates a smoother adaptation to the new setting. Memory care communities provide a secure neighborhood that reduces confusion and the risk of wandering, staffed by professionals trained in dementia care.

EW_Website-Photography-Resize_ValeoMemoryCare-Caregiving Responsibilities Become Overwhelming for Family Members

Caregiving Responsibilities Become Overwhelming for Family Members

Caring for a relative with dementia demands a considerable amount of time, energy, and emotional strength, often exceeding the capabilities of many families who may lack the necessary resources, knowledge, or physical endurance for constant care. If the toll on caregivers’ physical, emotional, and psychological well-being becomes insurmountable, it might be time to consider a memory care community. This move can help maintain the quality of the relationship between the person with dementia and their family by alleviating the stress of caregiving responsibilities.

A Noticeable Decline in Mental and Physical Health

If this change raises concerns for their safety, it suggests it might be time to consider memory care options. Signs may include persistent confusion, becoming lost in once-familiar places, having trouble with daily tasks, or an uptick in falls or home accidents. Memory care communities not only ensure a secure living space but also provide structured programs and therapies aimed at preserving cognitive functions and physical health for as long as possible.

Making the decision to move a family member into memory care is never straightforward, but acknowledging these signs can assist families in making well-informed decisions that safeguard the health and happiness of their family member with dementia.

Valeo™ Signature Programs

Valeo™, a key component of our Salus™ wellness philosophy, is dedicated to memory care, epitomizing our commitment to holistic wellness. Derived from the Latin word for “to thrive,” Valeo™ embodies our comprehensive approach to well-being. The signature memory care programs at Élan Westpointe at New Braunfels are crafted upon this foundation, aiming to enrich the lives of individuals facing memory impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Each program is tailored to leverage the individual’s strengths, offering personalized opportunities for engagement and pursuing personal interests, bringing joy and fulfillment to their lives.

Research shows the significant benefits that art and music can have on those living with memory-related conditions. For example, studies link art and music-based activities with improved cognitive function. 

Beyond the health benefits, art and music are recognized ways for people to relax, find comfort, and relieve stress. Create & Compose encourages residents to participate in activities, including playing music and painting, that help them gain those benefits.

Our Legacy Kit program helps an individual and their family build a physical representation of the most important events and interests in the resident’s life, including photographs, mementos, and objects that embody a person’s experiences. 

Each item opens up new opportunities to share stories, revisit those memories, and pass them on to children and grandchildren to preserve your loved one’s legacy.

Individuals living with dementia often find pleasure, connection, and engagement when they have new experiences with positive places and activities. Travel Times facilitates that by giving residents the opportunity to travel to new or familiar, beloved places.

Science has shown that interacting with animals can lower stress levels and provide a strong sense of enjoyment. There’s also evidence that bonding with animals can lower rates of heart disease, anxiety, and depression. 

Creature Comforts brings gentle animals, such as dogs and birds, into our memory care communities, encouraging animal interactions in a safe, supportive environment.

To a person living with a memory impairment, a routine is a comforting way to organize their day. VITA! builds on that comfort and structure to enhance the physical and cognitive benefits of routines. 

Our wellness staff uses VITA! to incorporate mental stimulation, like brain teasers, and physical activity, like exercise, into residents’ daily routines. We find that residents who regularly participate in VITA! experience a greater sense of calm throughout their day and are often more focused on positive self-care.

Explore Our Community

Our memory care community in New Braunfels, Texas, offers a resort-style setting with luxurious spaces, beautiful outdoor courtyards, and top-of-the-line technology to keep residents safe. This, blended with our signature programs that offer individuals complete autonomy to engage with various events, classes, or leisure dynamics, allows residents to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Take a look at our gallery showing all of the thoughtfully designed spaces within our community, or better yet, schedule a tour to visit us in New Braunfels, just under an hour’s drive from San Antonio or Austin, and experience firsthand the wonders you can unlock for an enriched lifestyle and a graceful retirement.

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Selecting a memory care community for a family member is a crucial choice. We aim to ensure that you and your family are fully informed. Please submit a request for additional information, and our team will promptly contact you.

Our team is skilled in facilitating a smooth and stress-free transition to memory care. We strive to create a nurturing community where individuals can flourish and lead rewarding lives. It would be our privilege to support you on this journey. Reach out to Élan Westpointe at New Braunfels today!

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